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Just bought a SX 380 - new project - ???s

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I just picked up a '98 SX 380 yesterday, and I know nothing about these bikes. It needs a clutch but everything else looks good except for the rattle-can flat black paint job that someone laid on it.

I just rebuilt my Honda XR650L motor last winter, so I thought this would be a good project for this winter.

Before I tear into it, can anyone give me some suggestions:

- Is there anything I should know about this bike?

- Any certain mods I should do?

- Anything special I shouldn't do?

- Special tools I will need?

- Best source for parts?

Also, what's the overall impressions on this bike? Good? Bad? Or not worth a s**t?

Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I bought my 99 380 exc in 2000 and love the bike. I've put way too much money into it to ever sell it. There are a lot of upgrades that you can do it, the biggest would be the head mod. That helps make jetting easier and helps it run nice, clean and crisp. In stock form, jetting is a chore. Parts are still available, but like everything else are getting pricey. The suspension can be upgraded. The 98-99 suspension was not the best but can be made to work. I got my 99 suspension to work pretty good for open desert riding. In 08 I upgraded to 07 forks and an 08 shock, big improvement. One weak link with the 380 is the kickstarter. The internals can break if you just hammer on the lever while kicking it over. Starting in 99, ktm installed a decomp hole in the cyl. that made it easier to kick over. A great source of info on the 380 is the "oldie but goodie/big bore" section on ktmtalk. There are pages and pages on info related to engine mods, jetting, supension, upgrading plastic, etc.

Good luck and once you get it dialed in you will love the 380.

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