BK"s Carb. Mod/Yamaha Stock Settings

Hi Guys,Before I start drilling on this carb I just wanted to hear from some of you to see how much this changed things and how you jetted to make up for the duration of the squirt. Just thinking out loud it seems kinda rich for an average Joe like me 168/48

or is this to replace the fuel that is lost from the shortening of the squirt? Timmy is a go-fast guy do you think Yamaha purposely set these up on the rich side from the factory just in case one fell into the hands of a go-fast guy?

Wish I could help you out but I trashed my knee right after I modified mine and never got it dialed in right. It seemed to be too lean with the stock jeting so I think the richer setting are necessary.

Can anyone else help out with the jetting they are running with this mod?????

I'm waiting for the pics before I do mine - which I DO want to do because my bike still has a small hesitation.

The scoot seems to be a bit more sensitive to climate conditions after the Mod. When the weather is warm and humid in Pa (90's and the air is thick enought to cut), The BK jetting spec's are a bit rich. I plan to drop the main one size and see if that clears it up.

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