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new plan for road race 12"s, need your help

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I would like to find hubs, rotors and wheel bearing already assembled on ebay. Then tell Rad how many holes the hubs are and get the right hole rim.

#1 They say I need 2.15f 2.5r but the bt601ss says you need a 2.5f/2.75r minimum to mount their tires and I want either them or the dunlop tt92s which are the same size: 100/90F 120/80R . So how will this work?

#2 when looking on ebay, is any Cr wheel from 97-06 going to work. By this I mean does it matter if its a big wheel Expert model or from an older CR80. Like, will the hubs have the right amount of spoke holes, mounting tabs for axles and rotors and correct size wheel bearing, etc etc.

After this all I'm assuming needs to be done is straightforward: assemble hubs, rims and spokes. Apply rim tape, mount tire, insert tube, air up and ride.

Am I missing something or thinking wrong?

Thanks for any support.

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