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Mikuni carb problems

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So ive been having quite a few problems with my pit bike.

Its a lifan 125cc with a Mikuni carb. I recently bought a new spark plug, 1 1/2 inch by 4 inch uni air filter, changed the oil, and blew out all the jets with carb cleaner. Now what happens is, first it wont idle when the choke is off, so i have to run it with the choke slightly on. The bike revs fine in nuetral, but when i pull in the clutch and shift into first it starts bogging hard and wants to die. When it finally struggles to take off, it keeps choking and doesnt want to go. It also has a pretty serious deceleration popping. I suspect i need to re-jet it as the new air filter is bigger, but i havent a clue where to start. Any advice on whether i should be going leaner or richer would be appreciates. Please be specific as i have little knowledge of carbs,

Thanks alot everyone! :lol::ride::)

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