Approximate Arrival of New '04 WR 450's?

My dealer tells me my bike I ordered back in March, will not be here until mid-November (we are usually skiing here by then). Does anyone know or heard of an earlier delivery date (I keep telling myself to be patient, but...)?

My dealer says, end of Oct.

Mine two says November but then he tells me that he is going to try and receive mine early when one comes into the "warehouse" I think he is blowing smoke up you know where. I thought Yamaha at one point said that they would hit the floor in September. I guess that’s not going to happen. The YZF's always get here first. :)

I have been told late september early October by a very large dealer in Ohio. They are expecting nine bikes which is more than most normal dealers, so I hope they know what there talking about. To my horror, I have never heard the mention of November until just now. I hope that isn't the truth. It sure is funny how the truth comes out after they make the sale.

I have had an '04 WR450 on order since April and finally decided to call Yamaha customer service this week. They informed me that they would "most likely" be available in November.

Hoping this wasn't true, I called the largest Yamaha dealer in the Atlanta area this afternoon and was informed that they received a letter from Yamaha stating a December release date. The salesperson then went on to say that if the release date is set for December, don't expect to see the bike until January.

"I have been told late september early October by a very large dealer in Ohio."

I hate to tell you, but it's "late september early October" :)

when i saw december i almost cried :):D :D

f-ck i cant wait that long :D :D :D :D

i work at a yamaha dealership so i called yamaha and asked yamaha canada when the bike was going to get here. he at the time {1 month ago} told me oct 15th. but i honestly think he or any one dont have any idea when they will get here. it all depends on when yamaha japan puts them on a ship.

if newyears passes and im still with out my yami i might by a 525exc. need bike yesterday not next year :D :D

If I am not on my bike with a big smile by Oct. 31st. I may have to chat with you in the KTM Forum

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