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HELP!! Trying to wire trailtech dashboard

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So I had to remove my original speedo due to it not working, horn and indicators would work when they wanted to! I had to rewire the whole rear end of the bike due to nothing being connected, I noticed when I was doing it there was strangely no earth wire and had to run my own, and the brake switch had to positives going into it!?

Anyway I took the original speedo off, disconnected the plugs and got the multimeter to find out what wire does what. All I seemed to manage to figure out is one wire had constant power, one had power when the key went on, and a few wires had power in them when the bike was running. I plugged the dashboard globe up to the one that had power when you turned the key on, however notice when the light was plugged into it voltage would PLUMMIT down to .80 volts, if you removed it, it was above 12 volts.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me how to wire this dash so my blinkers work!


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