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690 Enduro /R owners - help please!

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Hi Guys

I currently own a DRZ 400 SM and a TTR 250 trailbike, as well as a CBR 600.

I won't be commuting on a motorbike in the new year due to a new job involving driving a car to customer sites.

Therefore, I cannot justify the cost/maintenance of two of these bikes, so wish to get rid of the TTR and DRZ, and potentially buy a 690 Enduro.

I have a few questions:

1) how easy is it to switch from Enduro wheels to supermoto wheels, which SM wheels are compatible and will I have to mess around changing brake discs, speedo drives etc? Any considerations for chain length between the two or can you get a happy medium of sprockets not to need to have 2 chains, and still have good trail/supermoto gearing with each setup?

2)What is the 690 Enduro like for trail riding? I would call myself a novice but not a complete beginner for sure! I understand this bike has different power maps, is it easy to get into trouble with the throttle on a greasy lane? Presumably tyres will help a lot with this also.

3) I'm 6ft 1, medium build, I'm reasonably fit also - will this bike be a good size for me and not too heavy to pick up out of the mud?

4) Shall I get the E or the E R? I hear the E R has better offroad suspension, is this suspension compromised for the supermoto work?

I suspect I'll do as much if not more SM work on it than trail riding.

Thanks for your help


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I ride a 690 smc and a ccm 404 (drz)

and there is no comparrison the 690 with the right can air filter and map will keep with your cbr up to about 80mph, they are and feel heavier than the DR and are less forgiving when riding, you size and height will be fine for the bike.

for more info look here http://www.ktmforum.co.uk/forum.php

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