New to the forums, new bike

Just picked myself up a 2006 wr450 and haven't got a chance tO do much with a foot of snow on the ground. Got a few questions though. What is the best way to start these bikes when cold?

Where can i get a larger tank for it?

I'm plating the bike as a dual sport so I can ride on the streets as well

Welcome to TT. You got yourself a fine motorcycle. You will probably have to kick start it when it is cold. A couple twists of the throttle, turn on the choke, and kick away. Don't give it any throttle while kicking, just a couple of twists before you try to start it.

Ya it took me half hour to start it in -10 weather...

Welcome to the forums.. where in AB are you? I'm up in Cold Lake. If you've got any questions about street legalizing your bike lmk cause I just finished going thru the whole process.

I'm in Calgary . I called insurance and registries and they were fine with street legal it. They didn't even want to see the bike once I finish the conversion lol

Did you register/plate it already as OHV, or as a Motorcycle? If you put it as OHV, that's where the problem is. They told me the same when I called, but good luck finding A: a registries office that knows what inspection to get, and B: a bike shop that will do the inspection, and pass it so long as everything is good.

If you are registered as OHV, then to switch to Motorcycle, then you'll need a registries office to request a Out Of Province inspection for the shop doing the inspection.

Just remember, you do need turn signals F&R, loud horn, both F&R brake light switches, a white light source which shines on the license plate, brake light, speedo and a LH mirror which is "perminently" mounted to the bike. Also, recommended (but they can fail you on it) you need some kind of dash indication which shows when you leave your turn signals on.. Other than that, if I remember correctly they do look for DOT stamps on the headlight, wheel rims, horn and possibly on the tail light.

I'm getting the full kit for it and yes I will register it as a motorcycle. I asked my insurance and they are ok

With it too

Welcome choke is best when cold, ims tank @rocky mountain is where I got mine.

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