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XR650L/R winter project

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as promised and after the questions i had, i post some of the photos of my

rebuild project, just something to do during our short Israeli winter.

i bought this 1994 XR650L with the engine out of the frame (the previous

owner wanted to rebuild it). every thing in not so good conditions. a lot of

work is waiting before that pig will rock again.

So, as some of you remember i bought another engine, from an XR600R, it's

the one you see in the photos. I am going to use this 600R engine, rebuild

it from the oil drain bolt to the top, new bearings new connecting rod piston

and with 650L cylinder on it. so no e-start.no heavy weight flywheel.

after i took it a part i sent the frame to sand blast it, found 2 small cracks

in subframe, they were welded. removed the triangle on the right side near

the brake lever so it wont hit the kick starter.

then sent it to, paint. with base color then color and transparent

of course.











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with XR250R headlight, gives the old pig a bit modern look.

since posting photo became very complicated to impossible i just share the link....



relocated CDI, on the air box.


and this is my seriuose weapon, it's a Honda HM CRE250. Bought from the team of Mika Ahola.

this bike was prep for Mika with all the special goods till Honda decided he should race the CRF450X.

it's all titanium, carbon,special engine mods, head, suspensions and a lot more. the last real Honda HRC

factory CR.


and this one is a 1965 Triumph 650 Thunderbird , i restored from ground up. Not over yet....


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Nice build up thread! I just started my own thread on build up today and YES the stupid not being able to post a picture is ridiculous. Makes coming to this forum anymore a pain. Good luck on your build.

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well, finally i'm almost done. It started as winter project and is going to end in the summer.

the engine is closed and rebuild from the ground up. Some parts are from the 600R and some

off the 650L engine. But mostly it's 600R, in the 650L chassis.

Last thing to work on is the electric system, the wiring harness, CDI belongs to the 650L

when stator is from the 600R. I need to make them work like this. No battery no starter.

any advice where to start and what i need to add or remove from the electric system ?




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any help would be appreciated , ho do i make the 650L electric system work with the 600R stator and without electric

starter ?

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