oil pressure

Hi all maybe a daft question but iv'e just done oil and filter change on my

03 wr450 as per manual and it says to slighly loosen the 8mm head bolt near the bajo bolt for 1 minute to get oil there, my question is iv'e done this

and oil is seeping out but no pressure as such, is this wright or

should oil squirt out under pressure? Thanks

It is supposed to just seep out. Mine didn't squirt out under pressure either.

It is just a safety step to ensure you are getting oil to the top of the motor. It should just seep out.

Thanks fellas just thought i best check you never know,

the last off road i had you just unscrewed the drain bund let oil go refit bung and fill up

with new oil, cant beleive how many bolts, pipes, etc you have to undo to change oil

On my '02 WR426, the book says to do that too. I loosened it a bit too much, started the motor, and before I got my eyes looking in there, a crapload of oil had already squirted out all over the motor. What a mess. Just barely loosen it, err towards snug and after starting, give it a turn towards loose. By then oil should be coming out and you can tighten it right away..

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