yahamaha reliability

I keep going back and forth on what bike to buy. I just came into some money and want to buy a new bike for myself, Im currently riding a 92 yz250 that im the original owner of. I would like to make the switch to a four stroke. Im concerned about how reliable these bikes are. If I spend 6000 on a new bike Im not going to be able to pay 1000 to fix something that goes wrong. My old 2 stroker is so damn easy to work on, that mechanical problems dont worry me that much, but when I look at these new four stroke motors I wouldnt even know where to start. I dont push bikes too hard, I do mostly trail and play riding, I dont race mx anymore but I used to and still like to go jump 80 feet, which is why I dont want an XR even though they are pretty reliable.

maybe this wil put your mind to ease. im a brand new thumper owner myself i just signed papers today and will be picking my bike up sometime this week. i got the YZ426. go read this topic http://www.thumpertalk.com/ubb/Forum6/HTML/002168.html

it should help on making your decision.

I have owned my `01 426 for 5 months now and have yet to have a problem. I to was somewhat skeptical at first, but now know that I have made the right decision! Of course, I have seen the many and varied postings, but I have to beleive those are the exceptions and not the rule. I suppose there wouldn't be alot to talk about if everybody was as happy as pigs in fresh loam :). Pull the trigger, you won't regret it...I haven't and don't think I will


I went through the same thing you are going through back in November 00'! I almost did not get the bike because of the horror stories I read on this board...but I am sure glad I went ahead and got the YZ426! All you have to do is change the oil often and clean the air filter often! I ride mine 1-2 times a week on and MX track and have had zero problems and dont expect any problems in the future this has proven to be a reliable bike. Have fun on your new bike! :)



I get my kicks on a 426!

Motoman393's MX Site

Hey funktree,

I wouldn't be too concerned about the reliability of the YZFs, they are virtually bulletproof.

Remember, this forum is a really good place to bitch and moan. I'm sure that some people here, not all, bring most of the problems they have with their bike upon themselves, either with a lack of maintenance or the lack of knowledge to do the maintenance correctly. I'd bet these people may have problems with whatever they own.

Yamaha sells about 7,000 426s every year, and I'm sure out of that number not all of them are perfect. That will, however, be the case with any racing motorcycle offered for sale to the general public.

Just my .02.

There seems to be the same conversation over and over about people thinking this bike is unreliable and prone to breakdowns from what they have read on this message board. This is not the case.

Think of this site as a hospital. If you were to just look at the human race by going to a hospital, you would think ALL people have problems or are ALL sick when that is not actually the case.

Just like people do not go to the hospital when they are well, people do not really come to this site to post about how their bike is running well and having no problems. If this were the case, would anyone really stick around? I wouldn’t.

I want to hear about what problems people are having, read how to avoid such problems, read good maintenance techniques, and learn as much as I can about my bike so I can keep it running forever.

I find the information on this site <u>absolutely</u> invaluable. There are a ton of these bikes out there and if they were really unreliable and prone to breakdowns, they would not be nearly as popular as they are.

I am new to the 4-stroke world and am impressed at how low maintenance my 00yz426 is, knock on wood, and would recommend it to anyone that thinks they can handle the power.

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My Opinion: Is the 426 reliable? ..Yes..Is more reliable than a 250 two-stroke?...NO...Is it easier to ride?..For Most People. It is far more finicky than a two-stroke..Harder to start..can run hot on hot days. Far more friendly and fun to ride. I've had other 4-strokes and these are by far the best.

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