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2012 yz 250 fenders on a 1999 yz 250?

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Will they fit? If not,has anybody tried to modify them to work?
Are you talking about YZ 2-stroke or YZF fenders?

If F, the front will. The Search function will give plenty of threads on it.

Don't know if anyone has attempted doing the 2010 F rear fender... :)

If 2010 2-stroke, yes the front fender bolts right on and looks great with the '06 & up front number plate (which needs an easy mod to fit your '99).

The rear fender won't fit, but many people believe the '96-'01 rear is better looking than the '02-'11 item anyway.

Again, the Search function is your friend. :lol:

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It would take a lot of work to make the rear fit. The gas tank and shrouds aren't too bad. There's a couple threads on this that go into detail

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