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xr600 + xr650l = best case?

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I have a well used 95 xr600 in pieces. Bought the bike for cheap looking for a project. Split the cases to see what is there. Good times. needs new oil pump and top end work, and while Im there, I might as well give her new main bearings and rings... So now that its getting cold and the YZ450 is in hibernation up in the rafters, Im getting back to her... Here's the thing, some roughneck from East Flatbush Brooklyn has an xr650l that has likely been hammered, for cheap.

He tells me the p.o. used to carry the title around in his wallet instead of registering it and getting insurance, that he reinforced the folds with scotch tape to make it look good Ha Ha so he never gets around to going to the dmv himself. Basically this thing has no title. Did I mention 1st gear is done? This dude is one of those guys rolling around Brooklyn on his rear wheel and outrunning KLR's. BBBRRRAp.

So Im looking at a parts bike. The thing is I had originally intended on making my R street legal so I already have an L frame and clean L title -Im thinking of using Estart, stator, wiring harness etc. off of the Flatbush L, and parting out what ever else. Whew sorry long story.

Whats my best frankenstein approach? I would be riding streets for the most part. My gut is in the dirt, though, so Id like to keep it as light and off road worthy as I can. Should I go for the Flatbush L for cheap ($400-$500 bucks offer)?

I know the top ends are the same but doesnt the L have a different crank? Does estart just bolt on? Am I looking at a mess in the bottom end from that trashed first gear?

Should I just stick with my R and call it a night?

Questions galore, you guys know your stuff, thanks in advance.

I might dream of that button, though, like the idea of estart, but how reliable is it?

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