1983 honda xl600r

i have this bike thats been giving me fits. i cant seem to figure out how to get rid of the backfiring its doing. when it turns on it backfires really bad. Ive cleaned the carb and jets and its still doing it. Also ive changed the plug and put new gas in it. still the same thing. i finally called the guy i bought it from and he told me that the carb prob needed to be rebuilt. He also told me that when i turn it on the choke stays on and that was probably the reason it was backfiring. By the way,when it backfires it shoots fire out the back. Well now i cant turn the bike back on. Any suggestion on what is going on with bike.

Probably not too far wrong about the carb needing a rebuild...It is like close to 30 years old...

I would try a new pilot jet..

Any suggestions on why the bike won't turn on anymore??

Any suggestions on why the bike won't turn on anymore??

So it won't turn over or it turns over and just won't start?

Replace the pilot jet. Don't bother trying to clean it.

Take out your Air jet (in the bell of the carb intake) and clean it. They corrode after 30 years.

Adjust your valves. That's a 30 year old bike, and they will be way out of adjustment, which leads to very hard starting.

Back firing is a result of really clogged jetting, or bad cam timing, or a faulty stator. The XL600 motor ran extremely hot with stock jetting, and is know to literally fry the stator.

It turns over, just won't start.

How do you adjust the valves.

Do you know what the gap on the spark plug has to be.

You need to get a service manual for those answers.

XL600R valve adjustments

INTAKE: .002 in

EXHAUST .004 in

Ensure the motor is cold.

Remove the fuel tank, fuel line, seat and side covers.

Remove the four large valve inspection bolts with a socket the same size as the rear axle nut.

Remove the spark plug, place a screwdriver through the hole and rest it on the top of the piston.

Remove the timing inspection bolt on the LHS engine case.

Rotate engine COUNTERCLOCKWISE only to set to "T" mark

You will feel with the screw driver that the piston is at TDC and the ‘T’ mark will show through the LHS inspection hole

Adjust the decompression system if required so it is not affecting the rocker arm action and only touches the rocker arm when you pull the decompression lever...

ADJUSTING THE VALVE CLEARANCE: using a 12mm ring spanner, loosen the locking nut. Using a flat head screwdriver, screw the adjustment screw out just enough for you to slide in the correct gauge finger. Screw the adjustment screw back in so it is just applying a small amount of pressure to the gauge finger. You should be able to still slide the gauge finger around, but it should feel like it is grabbing a little. Screw the locking nut down to secure the adjustment screw. When the locking nut is tightened, it appears to raise the adjustment screw slightly and reduce the amount of grabbing on the gauge finger, so experiment and get it all tight but with the slight grab..

Continue this for the remaining three valve clearances..

Replace the four large valve inspection bolts and the timing inspection bolt on the LHS.

Replace the tank, fuel line, side covers and the seat.

Fire her up.....:lol:

good info :lol:

Well I got the bike running. When it starts it sounds ok, but when I give it gas it starts backfiring pretty bad. Does anyone have the a service Manuel for a 83 Honda xl600r for gap spec on spark plug.

Does anyone have service manuel for 83 Honda xl 600r for gap spec on spark plug

does anybody have the service manual for to gap size for spark plug

Spark Plug Gap is 0.8mm to 0.9mm

If you put higher octane gas on an xl600r will it make it run diffrent? Should I just use regular gasoline?

I would run it on a regular fuel that is low or has no ethanol ..

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