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pw50 rear wheel assembly

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Tore my sons '99 pw50 down a couple of weeks ago for a bunch of work. Didn't pay much attn to how the rear wheel assembly came apart, but when I put it all back together today and tightened it down the wheel is bound up and doesn't want to turn. Feels like I may be missing a spacer between the wheel and axle side bearing in the second picture? I'm putting the wheel over the axle in the 2nd picture, then the plate in the first picture, washer, then nut. I also tried washer, then plate, then nut...didn't make a difference. It doesn't bind up until I torque the axle nut down.

The plate has both collars in place on either side of its bearing. Also, the plate spins freely when not bolted to the swingarm, so it isn't bound up. It's not the brakes either, they're free. Any ideas? Thanks!



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I'm now having this same damn issue... can someone please explain this?  I'm racking my brain over this stupid little issue. ll

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