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Kxf250 noise at low idle

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First of all id like to say sorry for all the questions, between this and the questions about setting up suspension.

This question is regarding idle speed and noise. We just started his bike, ready for him to go out on it. Once started the bike was idleing way to fast, so i turned the idle down, which done the job. However the lower i turned the idle, i could hear an uneven knocking sound. When i say knock, i dont mean it banging its nuts off. Iv set the idle, just on the edge of cutting out. But it seemed while i was turning it down, the lower i went the more noticable the knock became. Is this common, for it to knock the lower the idle is set. Iv done a video, but the sound is quiet poor due to it being recorded on my phone in the yard, which is a confined space. Take no notice of the high pitched rattly sound, its just an echoy inerfearance which cant be heard while the bike is running. Listen closely toward the end of the video, and you can just make out the knock im on about. If you cant make it out, il try and do another video out in the open.



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