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2008 250 XCF-W Valves

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I have 48 hours (1021 miles) on subject bike, and was doing an oil / filter change, and air filter cleaning yesterday. While at it, I figured a check of the valve shim to rocker arm clearance to be in order as I had yet to do it.

My measurements are (checked cold):

Left Intake: 0.178 mm easy : 0.203 mm very tight

Right Intake: 0.203 mm

Left Exhaust: 0.178 mm

Right Exhaust: 0.178 mm

Factory Spec:

Intake Valves 0.10 - 0.20 mm

Exhaust Valves 0.12 - 0.22 mm

From what I see here, it looks like I am within spec on the exhausts, and am right at the limit on the intakes.

I am pondering whether to go ahead and shim the intakes to tighten them up a little while I have it apart, or just let it go and check again after another 20 hours.

(The bike requires up to a dozen kicks and choked when stone cold, but is one maybe two kicks when hot. Battery died long ago. Runs good slow when needing to crawl through tricky rocks, and is a 'frelling' rocket when you get out in the open. Even though I have a steering dampner, I backed off the gas once I hit 75 mph. I have a JD carb kit and Akropovic silencer on it.

I must say that this thing is in another universe from the last 4-stroke I had; an '86 XR250, which I bought new. Got rid of that dog and got a '89 250 EXC - talk about night and day, wow! After all these years, I still kinda miss that old KTM.)

Anyway, any insight / suggestions will be appreciated.


Richard J Lee

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I wouldn't play with the intakes. Remember, as the hours go on, the valve clearance decreases due to valve stretch/seating deeper.

Have you checked the compression with a compression checker or leakdown tester? 48 hours is not much, but it is easy to check. It will make the engine hard to start but usually also effects idle performance.



2007 KTM/TR 320 XCF-W

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I have a 2012 xcf-w250 with 28 hours on it. As a winter project, I would like to learn how to check valve clearance, I suspect its going to be ok. I have the cd, but it doesn't show how.

Haven't found a decent video.

Any comments?


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