de restricting a wr 450

hi im new to this site so forgive me for being a bit useless. ive got an 06 wr 450 and am finding all the posts on de restricting a bit confusing some saying do one thing and some another. i basically want to know where i can get the parts in the uk to do the mods required as the bike at he mo is unrideable its got no bottom end and basically feels chocked

The easy way is to go to a dealer and get the kit. I believe it has the new throttle stop, shorter one, some jets possibly a needle, and some plugs or something to block off the various holes that are there when you remove the AIS, although that's not a performance issue. If you want to open up the airbox, you'll have to remove the battery and tray, it either unscrews to remove the snorkel, or you have to drill out rivets. I just clipped the gray wire up close to the ECU as I don't ever anticipate reconnecting, but I could always splice. I made my own plugs and bought a JD jetting kit and have been very satisfied. My WR450 is an 05, but don't think there was much difference.

I did a quick search for you on here and found this post. Check it out.

Youtube should have videos on the grey wire mod and throttle stop mod too.

Good luck

While this was very helpful, it was for an 07 WR250, and I think it can be done a bit more easily. The rear subframe does not have to be removed to access the carb, at least I didn't do it. Can't recall if I removed the tank or not, but you do have to remove the seat, if you can't see the top of the carb then you'll have to remove the tank. You are going to have to loosen carb clamps front and rear, I found it necessary to removed the carb cables because I did the o-ring mod to the accelerator linkage, with the JD kit you get two O rings, heavier and lighter to tailor the pump stream. If you remove the cables at the throttle tube you might be farther ahead. In any case you'll have to pull the carb lid and then get down to the slide. I rotated the throttle with cables still attached and fixed it in position so the slide was more accessible, the center allen/hex screw can then be removed and needle accessed. needle nose or grease on screwdriver tip so permit you to remove it. Replace it with one from JD kit or GYT kit, bolt stuff back up. You can access the float bowl with cables loosened or removed by tilting the entire carb to the right, bottom left. The bowl can be removed, pipcs show allens, but I'm' almost sure screws are phillips/cross, although good idea to replace them. Cap over the fuel screw can be popped out with an o-ring pic, and its a good idea to replace it with aftermarket adjuster, something with an index wheel or one that has a cable on it. Pilot jet, and main jet can be replaced, make sure you don't lose the spring an o-ring under the pilot jet. Replace the leak jet in the float bowl and button her back up, rotate carb tighten clamps, reconnect cables, replace seat/tank and you should be good to go.

The GYT kit does have the plugs if you want to pitch the AIS and the YZ throttle stop, but that's available separately or you could simply cut down the one you have, JD kit only the proper jets and needles. As far as the exhaust and air box, just like the pics describe. Good Luck.

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