new to yzf 450.... please help!!

You can buy them from a Yamaha dealer and maybe even the Thumper Talk store. Its about $300.00 here in Canada. I don't know of any other type of power tuner for these bikes but they could be out there.

It would be nice to know for sure what hours are on bike for piece of mind, no dont have access to tuner,is it only th gytr that gives you the hours? can you buy them ££?

The CDI stores the run time hours, and the Power Tuner can not only read them, it can reset them to zero, so, it may or may not be definitive.

TT Store carries them:

back again guys, got my cold start working, had to use pair of vice grips on it to get better grip and it did take a good wee pull, now its working fine by hand.

seemingly bike has been sitting since motocross des nations so maybe slightly seized up.

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