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Bowl full of jelly (Warrior carb)

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2003 Yamaha warrior. P2060510.jpg

How best to clean with out damaging the fragile plastic rubber. I'm afraid to dip it with out stripping it down 100%. Any good mild solvent for disolving jelly / varnish. Accelerator pump is stuck in bowl ~ doesn't look good.




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I beleive sta-bil may have been used (don't recall 100%) It has been 18 months or so.

Gunk carb cleaner did the job on the jelly. Amazing it all washed right off leaving the carb mostly clean. I then checked cleaned all the passages (stick pin and guitar strings). Then polished the carb body and bowl inside and out with blue dawn dish detergent & hot water / then a good once over polish with tooth paste and an old tooth brush followed by more hot water.

Pulled it down 100% leaving only the slide and butterfly in place. Pilot & main were clean and shiny.


1. I found the filter side air passage to the main jet plugged.

2. Fuel inlet was plugged 100% under the needle and seat assy

3. Float needle valve and seat were still leaking by after a good cleaning (replaced with new Yamaha parts)

4. Brass Washer that normally resides under the main jet was found under the Float Needle and Seat (***) Reinstalled in proper place @ main jet.

5. Air Mixture screw parts were stacked incorrectly. Stack was screw / spring / washer / o-ring. O-ring was wadded up down in the base of the passage.

Corrected to be Air Mix screw / O-ring / Washer / Spring.

Installed 2-turns out for a base line.

6. Accel pump piston was seized in the float bowl.

Soaked bowl and accel circuit with liquid wrench, worked penitrating oil into accel pump circuit using a tooth pick to manipulate check balls and bleed air out of system. Then tap body and pump piston to work oil into piston / bore. Next heat float bowl on electric stove top directly on side of piston cavity. Catch wifeys oven glove on fire (Ooops). Firm grasp on accel pump piston rod and gently twist back and forth until break loose. THen gently remove clean oil reinstall / clean / polish piston and bore of accelerator pump with tooth paste until super smooth / clean operation. Rinse with hot water and check operation. Carefully work accel pump to flush all contaminents from accel pump circuit.

Bike is 10 miles away on a friends farm hope to test soon.

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soak it in warm distilled water and pinesol. the pinesol will cut the goo without damaging the rubber or plastic. and its super cheap

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