Knee Brace - Urban Legend?

When kmcbride,sirhk & scottf etc get involved you know it's a touchy subject and I would like to add

1st = Everybody is right in what they say about braces helping reduce injury as well as healthy legs.

2nd = Braces can be expensive but so can repair surgery (not mention time of work and riding).

3rd = It's a matter of choice and personal opinion wether to ride with or without them.

4th = Nobody would ride (race) without a helmet and I do think that braces maybe like that soon? You also buy boots to protect your ankles (another weak joint).

5th = Doesn't this discussion remind you of the old debate about 2st v's 4st (neither is an absolute winner)

Just my 2c

(FYI)I have damaged both my knees (stupid accidents :) ) because I couldn't justify buying them, maybe they could have lessened the amount pain i've been through.I have been strengthening my legs from ankle to hip but I will buy a set of braces soon because now I "CAN" justify buying them! (It's a bit late now)

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My family has glass knees. My brother is running around with a dead guys tendon in his knee. I have injured mine at least 10 times, not the same knee. Once pushing my YZ125 out of a mudpit as a kid, several playing soccer in college, and the rest of the time skiing in my 20s and 30s. It swells up like a grapefruit and I cant walk on it for weeks when it happens. In 96 I bought CTI edges. I still ski and ride alot, but never without them. Since the braces I have had ZERO injuries, even though I am older. Coincidence?

I think YZ426 hit it on the nail. It's a personal decision. It seems to me that if you're thinking about a brace the best thing to do is figure out how you can at least try one on. For me just walking around in the Asterisk showroom with one on it seemed obvious that they will provide support. After you have at least tried one on and walked around with it then you'll have some first hand experience with them and be able to make a decision. Everyone that has tried mine on has walked away wanting them. Even the people that wouldn't fit in them after just looking at them have walked away trying to figure out how to come up with a spare $550. Do the research and try to get some 1st hand experience and then decide.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

See now people like ScottF are smart. He wears all the gear. I know I should wear elbow pads but do I no!! I haven't been injured there yet. I'm just a dumbass that still thinks that I can't hurt anything else. Will I ever learn? Probably not!



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

TWEJ I tore my acl in the same way about 10 years ago. I was jumping off of a cliff at a local riding area and a gust of wind blew the bike out from under me. My natural reaction was to put a leg down. WRONG! I got surgery and was racing again in 5 weeks. They had me fitted for a CTi. The 2s werent out yet. I never really liked the brace, for alot of the reasons that Ken laid out. The thing would eat pants and graphics. It felt really weird. When I would squeeze the bike with my knees, the knee with the brace would twist slightly because of the shape of the gas tank. By the end of the day my knee hurt worse than when I started. I tried tightening the straps but then it would cut off the circulation. I quit riding for about 7.5 years. I think my knee was part of the reason I used to be so scared of hurting it. Now that Ive started up again I quit wearing the brace. Im not thinking about hurting it all the time now like I was. My knee finally feels back to normal after not wearing that damn brace. It feels stronger now than it ever did, I second the strong muscle thing. With all this said I still would wear knee braces if they were comfotable enough to not notice them, but I havent found any like that yet.

Wow, this thread really took off!

dirtdad, the Asterisk hinge design is "reversed" from the CTi2, if you know what I mean. I expect they will spread out the friction points and reduce wear on the pants and graphics. I'm thinking about getting a pair as a spare, that way I can have my CTi2's refurbished and still ride. Then I can wear whichever seem most comfortable/protective.

DaveJ, I didn't answer #8 on purpose, but it could be the same answer as #11, "Sounds like you had a poor fit".

Ken, I got my original CTi2 to support and protect a hyperextended knee with a blown PCL and other trauma. When I got the brace, it was years after the injury, and my leg was fully rehabed. I was fitted at CTi, that's why I got a nearly "perfect fit". Later I got another CTi2 because of the added protection for the virgin knee, and because it felt more symmetrical to wear two than one.

YZR426, I'm just a touchy feely kinda guy. :)

I have only had one knee injury in my life, and I hope to keep it that way. I don't ride without the knee braces, chest protector, elbow pads...

Check into the Asterisk. With mine I forget I'm wearing them after about 5 minutes of riding and I can easily spend the entire day sitting around with them on.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"

Ditto on the Asterisks!


00 YZ426F

01 TT-R125L (my son's)

74 Hodaka Super Combat(gone but not forgotten!)


Find some Asterisks to try on. Call em and they'll tell you where a store nearby is that has some. After faxing my order to Asterisk, the General Manager called me to say that he thought my legs were too big for the braces. Highly unusual customer support they have there, it really IS customer support. I've got big muscles to protect these fragile joints. Mostly I don't notice the braces while riding or racing and they haven't gotten in the way yet. I have noticed a tear in the liner of my pants. I DO take them off between moto's, it's a very quick release system as well as buckeling them up. I also take off my boots. Whether they will work in an accident has yet to be seen. They do provide some peace of mind for me AND my wife. IMHO more protection is better than less.


Originally posted by Ken Scherer:

"Some people walk like that without braces"


SCHERER, is that Kevin Scherer?


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