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The general consensus is that when it comes to used FCR carb's they are NOT worth buying. In some cases the slide area of the carb is so worn out that the casting is junk, making the carb only worth it's weight in scrap aluminum. And this one already has issues.

Plus, don't forget that even if you did buy it your jetting will be totally wrong and you will need the correct manifolds. So in the long run a brand new FCR really is the way to go.

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38mm fcr carb carb is ready to go but needs 2 things a slide diafram and 1 slid roller cheep to get about 30 bucks came off an 05 450 is a perfict carb for a drz.s or drzsm

It is neither worth it, nor the perferct Carb for a DRZ, :lol:

Would make a fine paperweight, or a crappy door stop.... Fill with used lead wheel weights to make it a useable door stop.

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Your not spaming are ya Deb?:banana:

Nope... just wanting to make sure Jack gets back out to the track :bonk:


USED FCR, Only used on weekends by a little old lady Grandmother on her way to the finish line.

Oh this is so going to have to be on a add :awww::lol:

Why TY hehe :bonk:

Well if your serious let me know.....

I am thinking about it as I am looking to buy the 41mm now :smirk:

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