Rideng. Steering Dampner

Rideng. makes a bracket to put a Show steering dampner off of a Honda onto a 10-12 yz450...Does anyone know if they are going to make one to work on an 06-09 yz450 or how hard it would be to make one of these work on an 06-09. I'm kind of interested in it, as it is much cheaper than a scotts, and I don't need a lot of damping.


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Someone here made their own, but it involves relocating the CDI. Search for it. IMO, the Honda style damper is just not worth bothering with.

Why would you waste your time, just get a scotts and be done with it.

Why would you waste your time, just get a scotts and be done with it.

X eleventy billion, the Honda OE stabilizer is a joke.

If you're worried about the height of the bars then you can get one of the low profile options, like the GPR V4, or get the RTT stabilizer, which is a triple clamp with a built in stabilizer.

Scotts is my stabilizer of choice.

Alright, i was just wondering. looks like i might save up for a scotts then.:bonk:

Put one on my 09 from a company and had to send it off to get revalved right away. Works alot better, but!!! I would get a scotts if I had to do it again. Looks trick though.

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