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instead of the drz

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im thinking of getting another bike..i want somethink lighter than the drz400, which most bikes are.

im not sure what to get i was thinking to get a yamaha dtr 125 becuse you can get the quite cheap..and i do like two strokes i think i would have enouth power for what i want just riding on byways and woods..

or i have been looking at ktm exc which will cost £1300 more than a dt

or a ktm exc 450 or a yamaha wr400

probably sounds silly i cant decide between a 125 or 400

i just dont know

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Kind of on a high $$ change for you but.. A friend of mine who has been a DRZ rider for several years, sprung for a new Husaberg FE390 last summer. He is in love. "The Cadillac" he calls it. So far there isn't anything that he doesn't like about it.

Myself, I've been looking at the TE300 Berg. From everything I've read, the best of several different styles/years of KTM 300 rolled into one package.

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One thing I've found out over the years is this:

If you want to have the feeling of considerably less mass and weight while riding and manhandling the bike, even if the weight according to the scales doesn't show a huge difference, get a bike with less displacement.

The reduced mass of the spinning engine parts is a major factor in a smaller-displacement bike feeling lighter than a bigger-bore bike.

Naturally, the smaller bike won't have as much power and torque, but, the trade-off is that the handling will feel so much lighter, you might at first think the frame has helium in it, and you'll probably be pleasantly surprised at just how fast you can go down your favorite trails with less physical effort.

Example that I'm feeling with my own bikes:

I have a 2009 Yamaha WR-250F and a 2009 CRF-450X.

They're both uncorked, dialed-in to my liking, and I ride these two bikes on the same 55-mile trail loop.

While the CRF has oodles more power and torque on tap (which is the whole reason I wanted to add a modern 450 to my collection), the smaller WR-250F is actually the better-balanced bike for the terrain I ride them on.


The WR-250F still has enough power (along with an incredibly wide spread of power starting from practically zero RPM), and the handling feel is so much lighter, it feels like cheating compared to the 450.

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