Help! '06 WR450 Bogging problem

Hello everyone - last year (2010) I bought a new leftover '06 WR450. It ran great all year and most of this year. Over the summer it sat for a few months and when I fired it up this fall it now boggs and runs very rough when I open the throttle quickly. With the choke on, the bike idles very high (as expected) but has good throttle response, and runs well.

I havent made any adjustments to the carb or adjusted any of the jets from the dealer set up. The only thing i've done is turn up the idle speed a bit to prevent stalling (when the bike was running properly early in the year). I've since turned it back down (i think) but I'm not clear on exactly the right setting.

I dont have a lot of knowledge around how carberator settings work on a bike like this and would greatly appreciate advice on how to get the bike to run / idle properly with the choke off.


Try removing the jets and clean them out with carb cleaner and compressed air. If it ran good before it will run good again, dont start changing things. the holes in the jets are small and get gummed up if they sit for to long.

Thanks Fast 450. What is the best way to ensure I can get the jets back to the current settings? How do you suggest I mark the current jet location.



loosen both sides of the carb boot's, rotate bottom of carb out, remove round nut at bottom, use sort of a small flat head screw and remove pilot jet (skinny long one not short fat one) use carb cleaner straw and spray the s**t out of the jet, use air compressor and spray the s**t out of the jet again, hold jet up to light and if you see small pinholes on the sides and in the middle your good to go.

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