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'09 505 xc-f new

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just picked up yesterday. coming off '05 450 exc. excited to take it out. love to hill climb, and tight techy stuff. what kind of mods do i need to make , jetting , gearing , battery . any suggetions . i'm guessing they made changes from the '08

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OK here is the list

1. Replace the spark plug with a CR9EIX iridium

2. Get a Trail Tech +8 oz. Flywheel

3. Get an adjustable leak jet. I have the R&D Powerbowl but you don't need to get the whole bowl type unit

4. I am using a Shorai 9 battery at the moment

5. My Jetting (5,000 ft) - Stock needle #4 - 180 Main - 42 Pilot - Fuel Screw 1.5 Turns - Leak Jet 1.5 turns

6. Get an extended fuel screw. I use the R&D Flex jet.

7. I run the stock gearing for about everything. I was running a 13 on the front this last single track season. Not sure if I will next season.

8. Ditch the stock cam chain tensioner and replace with either the Dirt Tricks unit or the manual one from DJH

9. Put a 1mm shim on the oil pump bypass spring. Your bike should have the updated oil pumps. It is easy to check. You can remove the pump cover behind the shift lever. This will expose the pump. If it has 6 lobes then it is the new design. If it has seven you should replace all 3 pumps with the new design.

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just ordered the bowl and flex jet. if i do have the new pump design do i still have to put the shim in?? 2nd thing took seat and tank off , loosened clamps around carb, to spin it to remove bowl and check jetting, and crap . do i have to take the sub frame off to do all this, why do they have to make it so difficult. thanks for your help

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Shim the pump bypass even if you have the new pumps.

Yes the carb is not the easiest to get at.

1. Remove tank and seat

2. Remove Silencer

3. Remove bolt that connects the header to the rear of frame

4. Remove the two lower sub frame bolts

5. Loosen upper sub-frame bolts

6. Loosen the air intake clamp on carb

7. Swing sub-frame up. Secure with bungee cord running to handlebars

8. Disconnect hot start from carb

9. Loosen front clamp on carb

Now you can remove the carb and work on it. It is easier to just remove it to do any work on it. I leave the throttle cables on. It doesn't take as long as it sounds to do this and goes back together fairly quickly.

Another thing I do is take one vent line from each side of the carb and run it up under the tank. This keeps the bike from stalling in deep water crossings.

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