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Cylinder works Hi Comp

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Ok, the kit is 12.5:1

Thats a big bore kit, right?

Normally they are a little lower than 12.5:1. Thats probably why they're billing it as a HC cylinder kit.

Detonation wouldn't be a problem as long as you can keep it cool. The big bores run a little warmer because of smaller water jackets. Its not usually a problem at 11.5:1 where they normally are.

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I'm not personally familiar with the 08, but we run 14:1 in our 11 on pump fuel when necessary with no problem.

One thing I would point out, I just installed a Cylinder Works std bore kit last night. The CW kit includes Cometic gasket kit with a riveted head gasket. For whatever reason there is a casting tab on the back right hand corner of the CW cylinder. It lines up perfectly with the rivet in the head gasket. Which causes interference between the cylinder head and cylinder mating surfaces. I drilled a releef hole in the casting for the rivet to fit into.

If using an OEM head gasket there would be no issue since the OEM gasket is not riveted.

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