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2012 Colorado Adventure Motorcycle 1000

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Colorado Adventure Motorcycle 1000

Dates: September 2-9, 2012

Start and Finish: Colorado Springs, CO

1,000 miles of Dirt


This is not a race, but a band of like-minded adventurers, joining together as a team to complete a very difficult, 7 day ride through Colorado.

Appropriate Bike: 'plated' Enduro you can carry gear on or light Adventure Bike (bikes must be street legal). Your bike's tank must be able to do at least 150 miles, 200 mile range is insurance. You best make sure you are geared LOW....having a nice Granny Gear to climb the long, steep stuff. I would think a KTM990 could do this trip, but not a GSA, nor VStrom. 800GS, KLR650, XRL650....maybe the new Tiger (Adventure Edition).....Certainly the 400's-450's-640's will be perfect, as long as they can carry a bit of gear (clothing, bag, tiny tent, etc.....I plan to terminate each day at a campground, but you just never can predict what we will get into.....a breakdown could cause tents to be pitched way up in the woods.)

Here's my setup.......


I'm looking for company and corporate sponsors....(and their donations will go straight to COHVCO.

I will also, try to partner with the AMA. (They have a budding interest in adventure riders.)

And.....bring along a motorcycle journalist or two.....(as long as they can really ride the tough stuff).

The riding will be challenging, but we will be in groups of 3-5 and will help one another out. To finish the CAM1000 will be something to brag about.


Well, two reasons...really.

1. I want to do it and I like the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers.

2. This will be a fund-raiser for COHVCO. (We need to keep our trails open.)


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