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'04 Carb Throttle issue

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Hi all,

Having an issue putting the carb back together on my 04 CRF450R after cleaning it. I've reassembled the carb and everything looks find, except when I hook up the throttle lines and test the throttle, the throttle opens and at about 90% gets stuck due to the pump lever holding back the wheel on the throttle shaft (see second image). What I'm expecting to happen is the throttle shaft to be stopped by the throttle stopper screew (#21 http://www.bikebandit.com/houseofmotorcycles/2004-honda-crf450r/o/m2270#sch304279) before the throttle lever gets stuck behind the catch on the throttle shaft. Hopefully I'm explaining this correctly I am some what of a novice.

This first image shows the throttle closed. With "A" pointing to the throttle stop screw.


This second image shows the throttle lever (silver) stuck behind the catch on the throttle shaft (blue). Once this happens the throttle is jammed at 90% open, the only way I can get the throttle to return is by manually pulling the throttle lever back past the catch.


I've double/tripled checked the accelerator pump and throttle carriage, and the all look correct. Anyone have any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?


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Thanks for the feedback. I figured out what was wrong today, the pump lever was bent at about a 45 degree angle at the top. This was causing it to get stuck on the throttle shaft wheel. By good fortune I bought the entire lever kit ($10) a few weeks back after loosing the snap ring. So by comparing the pump lever to an OEM one you could tell right away what was wrong. Put it all back together and she finally runs again!

You're right with the linkage screw, it was way off. I had tightened it up to get the lever past the point it was catching on.

Thanks again.

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