Sick of motocross - anyone agree??

This is going to be a venting post...but in the hopes of finding I'm not the only one, and hopefully trying to change things. This is posted in the KTM forum too...

I am sick and tired of motocross!! It is pathetic nowadays!! You pay 30 dollars (35 in our case) and if your lucky, you get 10 laps throughout the day, which equals about 15 mintues!! What a rip-off!

I used to race motocross in 1999 when I first got my KX250, and my dad did too. It was our first year of racing - so we were excited to do it. Throughout the year, we became more and mroe frustrated with the riding time...the tracks, and the way they are managed. The riders are treated like crap.

I want to say that they need LESS CLASSES!!!!! The tracks have something like 20-25 "motos" and obviously 2 motos each class. Now...if each class took 15 mintues until the last person got off the track, thats a minimum of 5 hours for the first round of motos. It was not uncommon for us to get to the track at 10 am, and not leave until 7-8 at night!! Thats insane for 8 racing laps and 2 practice laps - and 35 bucks!

You don't need a 125A, 125B, 125C, 250A, 250B, 250C, 80cc, 85cc, VetA, VetB, VetC, Schoolboy, College boy, equal as many quad classes, and Minis, and Super Minis!!!!!!!!! Combine the freaking classes!

Run quads on Saturday, bikes on Sunday (or vice versa).

Also, these 4 lap motos are pathetic. Go to half hour + 2 laps like it used to be in the 70's. Back when it was a real tough sport - not a 4 lap sprint.

Track maintenace is PATHETIC!! Here, Sleepy Hollow and Pine Grove are TERRIBLE in their track maintenance. Back in 2000 there, dad and I went to Sleepy Hollow, and we had just had the remnants of a major thunderstorm the night before. Dumped I think 4 inches of rain! Well, the boneheads were out watering the track before a single bike or quad TOUCHED the track!!! It was so muddy, they cut off almost 1/4 of the track (it was unridable) and guess what....they watered it after the first set of motos. Almost 75% of the quads and minis were STUCK in the first turn, and even the big bikes had trouble making it through. When we as the riders complained...the one "official" just told us "This IS motocross...". What a bunch of BS!! Motocross was 30 minute motos, fairly well maintained traccks, NOT riding through a MUD HOLE for 35 dollars and 10 hours of time to get 8 laps!!!!!!!!!!!!

We no longer will race motocross. It is an insult to the sport anymore. We run Hare Scrambles here at Pine Grove, and love them. 2 hours of RACING is worth it. The track is obviously not "maintained" as it is 5 miles long....but it makes it nice. When it rains...we like it even more.

A word to motocross promoters, and teh AMA if need be....CUT THE CRAP with amateur motocross. This is a SPORT, lets make it back into one.


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So...tell us how you really feel Chris! All kidding aside, I agree with alot of things you said and would like to see the sport return to it's roots! Maybe something like outdoor tracks being designed less like SX tracks!


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Chris, you have a lot of valid points. I have felt the same way for a long time, and found a solution. I ride practice days at the local tracks, and only race when I feel like it. I prefer the GP races here in SoCal, a single race, at a scheduled time, 45 minutes nonstop.

Practice days are only $15, not $35, and you get all the laps you want, in as short a time as you like. I always show up when the track opens, so I get the best prep. I'm done riding within 2-3 hours total time at the track. You ride more, get in better shape, and can go faster longer when you do race.

Dirtdad, we need all kinds of tracks to keep everyone happy.

Scott...we are going to be coming out to San Diego August 12th. Shipping the bikes out Aug 2nd. Any track recommendations?? My uncle owned Slade's Motorcycle in La familiar with it? He closed in the last month though...said it was just too much time to do it himself. We are planning on going to Elsinore, Glen Helen, Competition Park, and a few others - at least once. He says the tracks are nice...and I hope they are. If you can give me some pointers, recommendations, and anything else, please email me!!

Where do you ride there? Perhaps if you're in the area riding, we'll bump into each other long as it's not when you pass me. :)

I can't say I hate the design of the tracks...but I do wish there were more outdoor style FAST tracks, not these slow jumpy tracks. I like the jumps and the speed :D

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ScottF, I agree but in my neck of the woods, there's only two tracks to choose from (unless I want to travel 2hours) and they're more like SX tracks than the outdoor tracks from days gone by. It must be nice to have so many different types to choose from. We can't all be from SoCal! The local tracks here are fun, but it would be nice to have more of a selection. I can't complain too much as it only cost $5 for practice and the one owner lets you come practice any time except for the two scheduled mini sessions!

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Try a hare scramble. Don,t know where You live but Millville's are a blast. two hours of one lap on the moto track and 20 minn in the woods. Lots of tracks have a sat practice

Ride 'till Your blisters fall off.


Check out if you haven't already. It has listing of the local tracks. The ones you mentioned in your post are a must!! I ride mostly at Elsinore out of personal preference but there are many others around that are really good. If you go to any of the tracks on a weekend definately try to get there when the gates open cause by 11:00 they are crowded unless it's real hot. Comp park offers night riding under lights which is pretty cool and I would recommend it since it's summer and still nice and warm durning the evening. I think they run till 10PM but check that site for the info. Shoot me an email or post a reply if you plan on riding a weekend day somewhere and maybe I can join up with you guys. I'm always up for a trip to Elsinore on a sat. or Sun. morning as long as my knee isn't sore.



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Well, I ride District 34 motocross every weekend and usually its free.

$10 gate fee

$40 ($20 per class times 2)

Total fees: $50 (for 4 motos)

But then you have to subtract the expert payout in +40 expert. Usually I grab about $50 for my 4th/5th place finish. Somedays I have even gone home with $70 "extra" bucks in my pocket. And when I'm on a roll I can't afford NOT TO RIDE. You have to remember that the object of motocross is to become an expert. And riding one class or complaining about tracks (that you should be avoiding in the first place) is not going to get you there. I'm 50 now. Rode my first motocross when I was 39 years old. If I can do it I'm sure anybody can.

Yeah, I was a hare scrambles rider before moto. Actually my first "event" ever was at a Pine Grove HS 23 years ago! Never was a real hare scrambles course by any means, but a really fun place to ride. I can remember leaving my 1976 IT175 on the line and running into the bar for a quick draft moments before the flagman sent us off. Crazy place and a crazy time. Glad that's all behind me now. Say, do they STILL have a bar on that track?


Herbski - thats all I ride anymore!! I LOVE HARE SCRAMBLES!!!! They are 2 hours here, and there have been days when I wish it would have been only 1 hour!! The last one we had done, the temp was like 95, heat index above 105. I seriously didn't think I was gonna make it. I had to come in and get a drink (only lost like a minute or two) I would not have complained had someone knocked me off into the river we ride beside!!


Ken....yes there is still a bar.

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Hey Chris,

Have you ridden Happy Ramblers in Hanover. It runs district 6 & 7 events. The track prep is some of the best I've ever seen. Come down on August 4th. Their having an open practice day....first ever.

Your right about the moto count but, if we are to promote our sport we do have to make some concessions. You need multiple level classes (A, B, C) and and enough bike size range classes for the different bikes. I would like to see them eleminate the schoolboy and college boy classes. There's enough other classes for them to compete in.

Due to lack of a class (Senior C) I'll be forced to race my first ever MX race against the kids in the VET C class or run with the fast geezers in Senior A/B, I'm 42 :)

Oh well it could be worse. I could be like some of my friends sitting front of the boob-tube wishing I had a life.

Use the email addy in my profile if you like to hook up or get more info about the 4th.



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I live in Northern, Va and I heard about that open practice. Any idea how far Happy R. is from Sterling, Va? Basically, it's just outside D.C.......... I would like to ride with anyone willing to make the trip out. I've never ridden the track and I'm looking for all of the riding areas that I can find. A Thumpertalk get together would be the bomb. Anyone have a couple of canope's they'd like to bring along?


I hosted a TT ride in June and will do another next spring. The track is in Hanover, check Yahoo. I would guess about 2-3 hours, send me an email and we'll talk.


I have a 10 x 10 canopy and will bring it. I have another 10 x 12 if needed.


Chris, you will probably like that crappy Glen Helen track. I suggest going to every track in the area. If you don't like one, you can drive to the next nearest one. If you plan it right, you can go to 2-3 tracks per day. Perris Raceway is now old school style, with some of the best dirt and prep anywhere.

Don't blame me if you decide to move to SoCal by the time you get back home. :)

Bill, I will email you......sounds great.

Scott, for the past couple of years I've been making the trek out to the So. Cal area to do the Glen Helen National. Compared to the East Coast, I'm diggin' So. Cal's energy. I hear that San Diego is a big MX community. If only the cost of living were a little more reasonable. Scott, what do you think of San Clarita, just North on the 5 of LA........good place to live? Thanks for your input......

Hare-n-Hounds and Hare Scrambles are the way to go. I read a Johnny Campbell interview a while back, and that's why he switched from pro motocross to desert/baja- not enough seat time! I love to watch pro nationals and ride practice days, as has been mentioned here a few times, but racing? Thanks but no thanks.

Chris, I know what your talking about. All day for 8 laps and if you are lucky 2 practice laps, when I say all day I mean 6 am to 7 pm. When I started we had 3 20 min. motos and 5 classes, of course that was 1971. I raced only twice last year because of the time involved. I would rather spend the day riding with my wife and son now. I have raced what was called 2 hr mx's in the 70's, which is probably now called hare scrambles, that sounds like something I might try again. Just keep riding, I quit for 10 yrs and really missed it. I have always loved the speed and challenge of mx but don't have the time any more, but a few hrs of fast riding every couple of weeks is just what I need. mike


send me an e mail

i live in northern v.a.

and am always looking

for pepole to ride with

went to mountaineer raceway

on sunday for open practice, rode all day

had a blast!

its about 1 hr from sterling

Have to disagree. I, along with everyone else I ride with, have one helluva time trying to LAST 4 laps in a race. If I want to ride all day, then I'll just come on a practice day, pay my $10 and ride as as long as I want. But it just ain't the same as when the gate drops. I'll gladly pay my $25 on race day and sit around as long as it takes.

Chris, you hit home with this one!

Sounds like you live here in AZ. from your description.

To add to the cost I also have to belong to the local promoters organization at $35 a year.

I joined up with the Az Oldtimers in hopes that we will get enough members to throw our weight (entrys) around and make the promoters give us longer motos.

One good thing here is that there are alot of new tracks starting up and maybe these owners will give us better prep, longer motos and not be so greedy!

I agree with YZThumpa, even though I suck at racing, there is nothing in this world that even comes close to the feeling as when that board goes sideways and the gate drops.


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