Sick of motocross - anyone agree??

You make some valid points, Chris. Personally, I love motocross more now(age 47) than I did when I was 18 riding a crappy Suzuki TS90. To get more track time on race days, I ride two classes and make sure they don't schedule them back to back. Pit riding/racing annoys me more than lax track maintenance because I view motocross as having a rough a** track. Not that track maintenance is low on my priority list, but I would prefer that the track be left rough at times. Deep ruts in corners should be graded because riders can't do it themselves with their bikes. Bobcats can do this pretty quickly. I try not to be too critical since running a track is not easy and everyone has their own idea of how it should be operated. YZThumpa and I are trying to get our local track owner to make certain jump landings safer by taking away the wall-slam if you come up short. The local fast guys resist this because they want the jumps intimidating and dangerous to favor their do-or-die style. This sport is dangerous enough without making it unnecessarily dangerous.

MotoStyle, the Glen Helen National is not representative of how the track is the rest of the year. They don't use the hills, and the prep is poor.

San Diego is good but a bit south of most tracks, kind of far from the action. Santa Clarita is also nice, but is northwest of most of the SoCal tracks. LACR is close, but the rest are far. The most central city for MX is Corona. I live near the beach because the climate is so nice, and drive 60-100 miles to the tracks.

Scott F or anyone who rides Perris:

Saw you comment about Perris. I haven't been there in about 1 1/2 years and it wasn't old school. If they have changed it thats great news. Would like to hear the details. Thanks



2000 WR

I agree, partly. I know there is alot of idle time spent at a track between motos, but as I go more and more I have made very many good friends. Now some of them are there almost every time I go race, no matter which track it is. We all stand around and visit between races and watch our other friends race. There's always something to do, even gawk at all the pretty pit babes when my wife isn't watching me...



Yea, I took a look at the numerous tracks in the So Cal area and Corona looked to be pretty central. I guess the thing that stood out about San Clarita was the tree's and the mountainous regions. It's kind away from the congestion a bit as well, but to each his own. I hear ya about Glen Helen's upkeep, etc..........for everything other than the national. Budd's Creek her in Maryland is the same way. The owner makes so much money on that one race, that he has decided to concentrate all his efforts on just that. I and some friends had the opportunity to rent it several weeks ago. The track was one line, extremely hard pack and extremely dusty. Nothing like a prepped track. So, the practice tracks that are prepped and taken care of on a semi daily basis are the best. My hats off to those people that run practice tracks. :)

Funny, I got into motocross when I was 39 because its more of a family sport. How so you say? Try and bring your 6 year old son or daughter to a hare scrambles or an enduro with you (week after week) and you will find your butt riding motocross soon enough(where there are classes for kids from 4 years on up). Its either that or:

* you give up riding

* you do nothing but play ride

* you just split and leave your kid home alone (anotherwords, be a real dick).

enduro and hare scrambles explanation==>

"sure junior; you can watch my -start- from right here and then I'll be gone for 5.5 hours. isn't this fun? we can do it every week for the whole season. oh, you would rather be riding your YZ80 today? oh, well, too bad. only dad will be riding Sunday's for another 12 years. you get to stand here in the sun all day, though. oh, and don't leave with any strangers. unless, of course it gets dark and I'm still not back. then go over to that building and ask if they know where rider 7b is."

Yeah, motocross has classes for kids from age 4 and up. And classes for slow dad's (like me). And you get to watch each other compete and heaven forbid, a chance to interact and talk between races. And all this talk about motocross only giving you a few laps. Give me a break! It has nothing to do with that. I run 3 classes and believe me (6 motos) and believe me you need at least 1 hour to recover from each moto when you do that. And there is not enough time for that. So your day is busy riding your ass off and panting against the side of the truck while you try to find the strength to push your bike to the next moto that is about to go off.

So moto has been really good to me. And it pays so good (expert purse) when you know how to really twist the throttle. The hell of a lot more fun than throwing your money away in the state lottery every week. And you get to be a "good dad" too. How can you beat all that?


Whew, I wish I had the money to run 3 classes....lets see, that would top $85 in just entry fees for me. Top on the wear and tear on the bike, and the 10 hours lost, and the gas for the bike, it would probably be a $120 day. Can't say $120 per race day is something a 14 year old wanting to get into racing could's not something I can afford.

And I'm sure the 4 year old is having a blast and a half stuck, the WHOLE RACE, in the first turn in a quagmire of 15" of clay based mud because the promoters watered the track before anyone ever set tire on the track, the day after a tropical depression came through. Hm, I guess that could be fun though, dad stuck in the same turn, lets see who can get towed out first.....great race, and worth every penny.

When the tracks are RIDEABLE, I love to race it....but I won't be abused.

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Harold, Perris used to be great for me, but it is not as fun since they tamed it down. If you like old school, you'll like the way Perris is now compared to before.

Chris, you gotta get over it bro. :) No one made ride that swamp track. You could have left and rode somewhere else.


I agree with you on this one !!!

To make matters worse, I have 3 other riders in my family, and my youngest rides 2 classes. :) Talk about a hit on the


Hopefully competition, as F-Pilot stated will force the track owners to provide all of us die hards more bang for our buck.


I have to AGREE 100%

I have only ridden MX once 12 yrs ago and had a blast on my xr250 1985.

I got back into dirtbikes 3yrs ago and my friends got me into the desert racing.

I have just recently gotten in to going to the local MX track that is really a SX track.

I have a blast practicing all day for $5

So I decided to give the MX thing a try for sh#* and giggles.

I go to the entrance gate and they charge me 7 friggin'bucks to get in the gate? WHAT?

I am racing and you charge me to spectate?

Then I go to sign up thinking that 2classes will keep the boredome from setting in. $40 bucks for the first class and a $5 disc. for the second.WHOOOOOOO HHOOOOOOO $5 disc!

Give me a break $82 plus gas to get there ,gas for the bike,food,drink, etc etc........

Good thing I didnt bring the kid and camp on site. That would have been another $10 for camping $7 for him to get in the gate and $30 for his one class.

I don't know bout' you guys but isn't $129 a little steep for a day of dust , crowds and incosiderate track workers ,officials and flaggers that are too busy watching their buddy battling it out on the other end of the track to notice that you have just gotten a face full of aluminum bars and bleeding profusely!


Sorry bout venting but that was my experienc with MX tracks.

Second and LAST!

Hare n' Hounds or Hare Scrambles are much more organized and CHEAPER!

I can take the whole famdamily camping BBQ and all for around 70 BUCKS.

And (I hope I don't offend any MXer's) (but)

The Hare people are not clique-ish AT ALL.

I found that at MX it is the banners and ribbons around the CAMPS are like FORCE FIELDS. NO entre'

Hares much more family/social oriented.

Just my personal experience and really hope I didn't offend anyone.

Especially anyone on a Yammy!

Ride where you are most happy and having the most Fun that is what it is all about anyway!

You don't even need to race to have fun.....I could probably get away w/o it !!!!


Once again sorry for venting on ya' !



Nope BOY, That's not THUNDER ridin your butt, It is a whole damn HURRICANE!!!!G4

When was racing anything ever cheap? I believe Hare Scrambles/Enduro or Desert are your best values for dollars spent vs. seat time (I know, I'm stating the obvious here). But comparatively, MX is still cheaper than other motorsports ie., drag racing (of any kind, maybe except bracket racing the family truckster), auto racing (all but Solo 1 & 2), boats of ANY kind...

I've been into MX for so long I always just assume I'm going to have to pay a gate fee, club fee, entry fee(s), gas, parts, etc. But as much as it costs it is still far CHEAPER than a day at Disneyland (or insert any major theme park) for a day of fun, or a weekend in Vegas. How much do you guys spend on dinner and a movie? That isn't cheap, either.

The old saying goes something like if you wanna play you gotta pay... I guess you gotta find something you enjoy that fits into the family budget.

I can't believe the complaining of you people! Yes there are something's that need changing, number of classes is one of them. I would like to see longer motos with less classes.

If you would get of your high horses and help out a little, you would notice that putting on a motorcross race is not easy. No one said that motorcross was cheep, just look at the cost of your bike. These tracks and clubs need that money that is collect to run the track. Where do you think this money goes??? It doesn't go to pad their pockets! This money goes back into the track and back into the sport, to improve it. Tracks require a lot of money to keep them operational. If you haven't notice earth moving equipment isn't cheap, watering systems need constant upgrading and repair, fencing always needs fixing due to inconsiderate riders, lights, power, grass seed, buildings, the list goes on and on.

Where else are you going to find so much excitement in one day for $100??? racing, socializing, viewing. It maddens me to no end people that bitch and complain and don't offer to help or have good solutions.

If you haven't stood out and flag all day you don't know how tuff a job it is.

As for muddy tracks, are you forgetting that you have a DIRTBIKE, yes thats right its a dirtbike, it is designed for it, look into it. Really with out water on the track, you are then racing in a very dangerous dust boll. If you have ever been in a race when you can't see in front, and are scared to death that there may be a pile up in front of you. Then you would appreciate a well watered track. Track prep is a hard thing to master, that require efforts of many people.

I love race day, I always have plenty of stuff to do.

I have lots to say about this, but that is good for now. Just try to have a little more fun. Now I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Roost on DUDES!

Well said, OTBC. The day I see the track owner pull up in a shiny new Lexus rather than a dusty ole pickup, then I'll complain about the fees.

To give you guys some perspective on costs, I work part time for a Road Race Team and a typical race weekend for the top guys is 500.00 for just one bike...... This doesn't include multiple classes, etc.... The race fuel burned can equal what one of you guys spends on everything in a typical weekend. If you saw the price of the tires for these things and how quickly they go through them, you'd be saying what I say, "Man, I am so thankful for the inexpensive sport of Motocross." If they drop the bike once, it's 2 grand worth of damage. If you drop your MX'er, it's a set of bars and a little tweeking back on the subframe. Just put everything into perspective and see the sport for what it is, fun. I ride because I enjoy it so much and wouldn't trade it for a roadracer anyday. Not because of the cost, but because the sport of MX is in my blood.

Now throw a leg over that horse and lett'er rip.

Hey, I agree with the original gripe. I don't have a problem with the cost. But waiting around all day to race 10 minutes at a time is ridiculous. Our MXs are only 3 1/2 laps, each lap takes less than 3 minutes! If you don't get a good start its all over. I am not even warmed up in ten minutes. The same track puts on hare scrambles, they use the track and some other MX type terrain, and they are great.

MXs go like this: 5:30 am practice for 15 minutes. My first moto at 10:30, the next at 4:30. Total time riding, 35 minutes. Total time at track, 11 hours!

Hare scrambles: 8:30 am sign up. 9 am practice lap, 15 minutes. 10am race for 2.5 hours. Total time riding, 2 hours 45 minutes. Total time at track, 4 hours.

I know it gets a little better if you race multiple classes in MX. But still Chris is right, MXs are alot of waiting around. I vastly prefer the HS format. I don't care if the Pros blow by me on my 6th lap, at least I am riding!

mike- that would be extreme. I usually race at a track that does night races. I usually arrive around 6:00 PM and get two practices and two moto's finished by around midnight. I'm going to enter my first hare scramble in September, should be a learning experience for me. All I've done so far is moto so I'm wondering if I'm fit enough to go the distance. We'll see in a few weeks...

Ahhh, wow, as the originator of this thread, I am glad to see I am not the only one sick and tired of being abused.

Cost...I have no qualms about paying 35 dollars to race....IF I get treated well, and have enough time on my bike to have it get warmed up. I was a bit uset at the $35 for the hare scrambles, but, as was said in a previous post...when was racing ever cheap???

As far as the tracks...the fast guys don't like filled in doubles?? Who are the tracks catering to?? The few really fast guys, or everyone else?? Come on. If they fast people don't have the discipline to tell themselves when they come up short on a 70' tabletop..."Man, I would have just crashed had that been a double, I better clear it next time"...then I can't feel sorry for them when the doubles are filled in for the average rider.

MikeOK, good luck, you'll do fine, just remember, a hare scramble is not a motocross race, it's a real race! It takes more than just speed, it takes EXCELLENT equipment maintenance, and brains. PACE yourself. It's at least 2 hours of hard riding. You treat it like a MX, you will bonk. I've started in the top 5 already, and dropped back to like 20th easy. ABout 1 and a half hours later, I see green stickers (my class) all over the place, sitting on their bikes, out of energy, or bikes broken down from maintenance problems. Usually, I will end up working myself back into the top 10. I'm not out to win anything, just do pretty good...and to do good in a hare scramble, SURVIVAL can be key.

Sorry, but anyone who is truly tired after 4 laps needs to train harder, my dad is nearly 49, and he can hang with my 21 year old self in the endurance end of it. We always go to our practice tracks and ride for at least an hour straight, 5 minutes in to get water, and back out for another good solid hour or more. I don't know, mabey we're just superhuman when it comes to endurance. I guess it helps though that I raced mountan bikes, and road bikes....had 3 hour races of all you can dish out on a bicycle. That kicks you into shape real fast. No offense to anyone, please.

I'd gladly put on a race, if for not other shut myself up when and IF I find it is hard. Obviously, you need a crew....but there is alot of common sense things that need to be changed.


'01 KTM 520 SX

'95 KX 250

AMA Dist 6 Member

Hare Scramble Class B #523

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I can relate to the "too much MX" thing, so I'll be trying an enduro or two, to see if I can get out of the MX rut.

Regarding SoCal tracks - Although Perris has mellowed, I couldn't get up the nerve to do an easy jump on the course at Friday night practice. It wasn't a "you need skill" type of jump, more of a "twist it and hold on" kind of jump. Looks like I'll be racing there Sunday, so hopefully I'll have the nads to go for it in the two or three laps of practice we'll get.


I've also heard that the Comp. Park main track has been toned down considerably :) (not that it was that wild to begin with).


Holeshot's Page

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I read these posts and a couple of thoughts came to me. I raced shifter karts for years and went through all of the issues above. High cost (much higher than mx or off road racing by a long shot), lots of getting out early, little practice and short races.

Eventually I got to a point where the benefits outweighed to costs for me. Thats when I switched back to dirt bikes (after a 20 year layoff). Have been so happy I wish I would have done it 5 years earlier.

I don't race mx but go to the tracks. I love riding until I'm beat (on a well groomed track). Resting and then doing it again- on my own schedule. One on the reasons I don't race is the sit down and wait but I don't think it is a reason for complaint. For a variety of reasons (many dictated by the racers themselves) thats just the nature of any kind of racing.

But I have been racing in some enduros and desert races. At my first races, people would advise racing in the novice class, but I refused. I didn't care if I got a trophy, but I did want to get my full two loops of racing in. More hours of riding was better.

But I can see maybe racing mx. Right now I'm single guy. But one day I want to have kids. One of the guys posting above painted a pretty good picture of the family out at the track together.

Everytime I get on my bike I still think how great this is. I'm glad we all have options.


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I enjoy the MX races I enter. Yea, it can be a pain in the A$$ at times, but a 4-6 lap race on the tracks I race on, is about all I can take, especially if I race 2 classes. The tracks here are 1.5 - 2.5 miles long, in sweltering, Ga humidity at usually 90 degees. It takes are normal person 30-45 min just to refresh after a race. I also race Harescrambles & the occasional Enduro, on my WR. Hell, I enjoy all of it. I do not understand all the bitching, but agree that most classes should be combined & staggered, unless the field is 40riders or more. For me the competition factor far outweighs the nega

tivity of early mornings, long drives, waiting around etc... Imagine all the bitching if there was no motocross regional races. just my 1.5cents worth........

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