Sick of motocross - anyone agree??

This is a motocross novel (426 of course)……

I went to Perris Friday night to practice for Sundays motocross (OTHG) and the track was reasonably friendly, except for one easy jump that I couldn’t get up the nerve to make (not much skill required). I decided that I would go for it during practice on Sunday, hoping that I would be the only “spode of spodes” to jump it.

Sure enough, when Sunday morning practice arrived, I pinned it and cleared it by a big margin, and went twenty feet off the track. It turns out that even though the jump was easy, it took skill to make the corner right after it, and you had to jump from right to left across the jump to make the corner (not a good place to pass). A few more tries and I had it so I could make the corner (barely).

Sitting at the gate, waiting to start, a couple of guys started talking to me about the crash I had at Starwest many weeks ago, and I couldn’t help but notice the glee in their voice. I tried to change the subject, but it wasn’t allowed.

The gate dropped, and I left the line like a limp Dillweed, but decided I could work my way up. I couldn’t pass on the “jump” on the first lap because everyone in front rolled it, and I couldn’t pass anywhere else because .. well, I’m a spode. On the second lap, a rider right in front of me decided to go for the “jump” and I decided to follow right behind him, since there would be a clear path. Unfortunately, the other spode didn’t land it, and went flipping off his bike, and I was in the air, headed right for him. Oh crap – I could hear screams (I think they were mine). By slamming the landing hard, I got the bike over to one side a bit, and the downed rider pulled his leg away from my front wheel at the last instant, so all was well, except that I ‘d aggravated that old back injury. I slowed, raised my hand to get off track and call it a day, when I heard screams behind me, “Hey, what the freak are you doing ? Get out a da way. Get off the freakin’ track, blah, blah”. This got me so P.O’d, that I took off after “Sunshine”, caught him in blink and rode through the whoop section one handed while shaking my left fist in front of his helmet and kicking my left leg at him. He was spooked. Some people never grow up.

The adrenalin was flowing, so I decided to finish the moto, leaving Sunshine well behind. As luck would have it, I crashed in the last corner, 80 feet before the checkers, and couldn’t pick my bike up because I didn’t have the strength. Of course, Sunshine went by and yelled, “serves ya right, S.O.B.” I heard rumours that one person finished behind me (his handlebars came loose), but didn’t wait around to confirm it (called it day).

Ahhhhh, ain’t motocross a great sport……… :)


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I have to say that I was absolutely cracking up reading your story. Yes, even though your moto was only 4 laps or so, it's those kinds of stories that make the sport of motocross worth waiting around for.... :) Keep it on two wheels and look out for Sunshine......

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