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Another weird noise (find out)

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A DRZ of a friend does a weird and terrifying noise and he asked me to post it here. I haven't heard it so i can only tell how he described it.

It sounds like a loud knock or "gdoup" and the bike does it only when it's hot! The noise hasn't any specific frequency so it's difficult to locate where it comes from. Otherwise the bike runs great but he can't know for how long more!

He started the research by removing the 2 cranckcase covers but nothing unusual. I noticed something, which he believes it's normal, the sprocket of the starter clutch moves in&out for about 1cm, i can't remember if mine does it also but is this normal? Although it doesn't seem to have any wear.

Had anyone similar experience or could guess what's happening?

Thanks in advance

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Finally, he found out what that terrifying loud sound was! It came from the meeting of the crank balancer with the crankshaft:banghead:! We should have guessed it as it was too loud for being a loose nut or something like that. The hole of the pin was opened up as you can see at this bad photo, so he will have to remove the engine again as he had removed it before almost 6 months ago for a damaged bearing.

What could make this?

After all, i learn something new today, DRZ E and DRZ S/SM use different gear for the crank balancer!:bonk:

Why is that, for less vibration? Are they interchangeable?


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