My BRP Goes "Clunk"

I noticed this weekend that there is a small clunk that is coming from the rear shock/linkage area. When you lift the bike and the rear shock/linkage bottoms out it sort of clunks as you touch the rear wheel to the ground. The rear wheel bearings feel tight and all of the fasteners appear to be tight. I was hoping you guy's might know of any "issues" that might help me locate it. The BRP is a 2000 model with fairly low hours on it.



Pull the rear shock out and inspect the linkages very carefully. My guess is you'll find slop in both the upper and lower shock mount bushings with most of it in the lower. Hopefully you don't find any wear on the swingarm. I don't like the design of this setup as the bearing has such a little surface area and I think it could have been improved. There also wasn't much grease in my linkage bearings when I bought my bike new, so that could be another contributing factor. If you're bike has been in the water a bit, then that will be yet another contributing factor. Just don't use a lithium based greased for this application. Some greases are advertised as being waterpoof when in fact they are only water resistant (i.e. lithium, lithium complex, etc). Water will wash out the oil in a lithium grease and shorten the life of these bearings when compared to having them packed with an aluminum complex grease.

Check out this link for more info on this issue and others.

I took the rear linkage apart last night and could not find ANY slop or looseness ANYWHERE!?!?! I have had the linkage apart when new and all of the bearings still had lots of gease in them. The only thing that had any questionable wear was the seals on the most narrow part of the three hole link. This part has three little bushing parts inside and it looks like the two on the outside ends just there to hold the needles in. This is where the seal lips look like they might be worn.

I cannot believe how good all of the parts look, no wear that looks suspicious at all. The shock does have a little bit of rotation when you grab the thing and twist side to side, but just a little. The "clunk" goes away when holding the shock at either side.

I don't know if what I am feeling is not normal or not???


mine seems to clunk also very low hours maybee 1200 miles or so everything seems normal I notice mine also a bit when riding choppy stuff or very abrupt hits

I am amazed at how good all of the bearings and stuff look. You figure how much abuse this stuff takes being down in the dust, dirt, water, and then add the pounding of rider and terrain, pretty amazing.

I am going to re-grease everything, put it back together and keep an "ear" on it cause I just do not see anything wrong.

Thanks for the help and comments guy's :)!!


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