08 WR450F Clutch switch

Hello all, I have just picked up a 2008 WR450F and the PO had replaced the stock clutch lever with an after market one and has removed the clutch switch. I have searched to find the location of this where it plugs in so i can bypass it and be able to start it while in gear (while holding the clutch in of course). Does anyone know where this connector is (behind the headlight I assume)


Update with a picture of where I think it should go... one of these connectors?


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Picture added

Your photo is the correct, it is the smaller one on the right. I don't understand what you are looking for. With it unplugged it functions just like you are asking about. You will be able to start it in gear with it unplugged, just make sure the clutch is pulled in like you said.

I have an after market clutch perch and no clutch switch....not a problem so far.

The problem is that it will not start in gear with the clutch pulled in because there is no switch. I can start it if I put it in neutral. I will jumper the connector and I am sure that it will start in gear.

Thanks for the info.

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