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Crf230 oil pressure check ?

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After recently rebuilding my kids 230 engine which imploded from the lack of oil, or the lack of oil pressure, how do I check that oil is getting up to the valves and rockers.

When I disassembled the engine to rebuild it, the cam lobes were basically worn perfectly round and the rockers ground away which implies that the top end did not get oil. The piston, barrel and rings however where perfect.

The centrifugal oil filter was filled with metal and debry.

I'm now paranoid that it wasn't just low oil level but the lack of oil feed to the top end.

How do I check that ?? Any help appreciated.

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what year 230 is your sons?

thats the one thing i did not like about the 150/230, no oil filter to take out and replace like other bikes, just the centrifugal one which is a PIA To get to.

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