WR 426 flywheel weights?

I just bought this bike and it seemed fine on the test drive but now that I'm trying to use it for what I bought it for at home it's trying to kill me.

There is an enduro race that cross's my property and I want to run it next year. The course is mostly trees, rocks, mud and not much open space. I need more forgiving low end. Flywheel weights were available through Terry Cable but are not any more. Anyone know who to contact or what can be done?

This is why I opted for the WR not the YZ.

I know next to nothing about the bike. I bought it over the summer and have played with sprockets, disconnected the rev limiter, and put tires on it.

Terry Cable gave me the name of Steahly's and he said he doesn't know of a way to do it, the ignition system on the 01 WR is different in some way.

He does agree however that this is what I need.

The bike is very fast so there may be something to your YZ theory.


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