Wr450 highway duties ?

On stock gearing how would the wr450 do cruising at 110-120kmh? Is there a better gear to get if I do alot of street riding as well as offroad too?

Mine is turning about 7500RPM at those speeds. That's a lot of wear and tear, regular oil changes and just putting up with the engine screaming that much would be a pain.

I have considered getting a set of more street friendly gears and chain to swap between dirt and street duty but for now I just keep the street duty to side streets and local roads.

It'll do it, just not very well.

What would be a better sprocket size for that kind of riding so it's not wringing it's neck, but so I can also ride trails?

15/40 would be a good start.

What is the stock gearing and if the number goes up is that higher or lower rPm at cruising speed?

Stock gearing in 2003 was 14/50. I think it changed sometime after that to 13/50 (05?). I have run 15/48 on my 03 and didn't miss much down low since 1st is already so low. Top speed was notably improved.

Bigger sprockets in front and smaller in back lower rpm for any given speed at the expense of low speed torque.

Mine is an 06 . Know what the gearing is in that?

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