Break-In, what to do?

I am getting my bike(01' YZ426F) tomorrow :)

How long should I break my bike in and how should I ride it during break-in (half throttle, quarter throttle)?

Is there anything in specific I should check before I start the break-in process?

Is there anything I should listen for or check after the break-in process ?

I just bought a new '01 yz426 a couple of weeks ago to replace my '98 yz250. The manual is very complete as far as what to do for break-in, and break-in maintanence.

Here's a little info in addition to the manual: Some people on this board told me to lube my swing arm and steering head bearings, but when I pulled mine they were full of grease. Now, others with '01's have said theirs were full too, so I guess Yamaha has fixed that problem. One thing I did find was that my air filter wasn't oiled, so you may want to check that first (it would only take you 5 minutes tops). My engine oil was a little low right from the dealer too.

When you do get ready to do the break-in maintanence, don't skip anything in the manual. For example, my valves were right at the edge of spec. I also found a tear in my frame oil strainer, so I'm glad I bought the $30 24mm impact socket just to check it (my dealer is buying me a new strainer). I was happy I changed my fork oil too, it was rather cloudy/silver.


'01 YZ426

'00 Harley Police Special(Got it for free, and I get paid to ride it!)

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Just like tawood said, follow the manual and you'll be OK. The breakin for this bike is unusually short (the riding time, not the maintenance :) ). Also in case you haven't been reading on here, don't go nutts when the first oil change gives you an oil filter full of metal flakes. This seems to be normal.

tawood, how much time did you have on your bike when you changed the fork oil? That's next on my list...

Since I was already waiting for that new part to come in (the torn frame oil screen), I just did it with the rest of the break-in stuff. I had about 2 hours on the bike, rode only on my back yard track (don't be too envious, it's about the size of your standard pee wee track, jump size and all).


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