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2000 Yz 250 springs. Help out a fellow braaper.

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I have a 2000 Yz 250 with stock springs in it (as far as i know). I weigh 190lbs and I'm 6'1". I ride mainly MX tracks and usually jump everything, and can not stand bottoming out all the time. The stock springs are too soft for my weight, so i'm looking to upgrade along with getting racetech gold valves front and rear(i get a nice discount because i know a guy).

RaceTech's spring calculator specs 0.46kg/mm fork springs and a 5.0kg/mm rear spring for my weight. Does this sound right?

The reason I ask is because I was going through the Yz250 suspension setup database and noticed that a lot of riders around my weight are using MUCH stiffer rear springs, like 5.6kg/mm. Whats the deal?

Also, i plan on getting these springs for my current weight, but will probably lose a bit of weight soon as i get more fit, and will probably be faster. Do you think the stiffer springs will be fine, given my lighter weight but probably increased skill? From what i read, the faster you get, the stiffer the springs you'll want, and really the characteristics of the suspension is controlled by the valving anyway.

Thanks in advance.

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Should be pretty close... but keep in mind the faster you are, usually the stiffer you wanna be. At least for me thats the case. Im not sure what your skill level is so I cant comment on that. Ive found that Racetechs #'s are typically slightly low from where I ended up.

When I had my 00 125 which used the same suspension sprung and valved I was right around 200lbs and I ran a .48 spring up front with a 5.2 in the rear. Not sure what was done with the valving since I didnt do it myself. I have found that the ride is getting rougher and rougher though. It would seem either Im getting older or Im just getting slower.

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