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leatt astar test number 1

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Thought you guys might wanna know how I got on with the two neck braces I bought. A leatt base model white ktm logo brace and the plastic astar ( the one i dont like is an xmas present for someone)

Myself and two mates went to the track sunday to try out the braces and also to let Mick have his first ever go on a motocross/enduro bike.:bonk: Up to now he has only ever drove a 125cc 4stroke virago. I went out first on my wr250. please know my motocross experience is a total of 5 months now. but have being on tar tracks and road for over 15yrs with a lot of crashes under my belt. I wore the alpinestar bns first. ( might be worth noting iv also bought the astar bns suit of body armor to go with the neck braces. this was the first time wearing it)

Anyways, the astar neck brace fits really well on me. Im 5 11 and 13 stone. . . ish. medium build. one lap in and other than the odd knock of the helmet hitting the brace I forgot all about it. tried the leatt in the next session. have to say I felt the same about the leatts fit and comfort as the bns.

As iv stated in my other posts im an industrial designer by trade but now work as a registered nurse. due to my experience in both iv concerns regarding the safety of the leatts overly engineered carbon strut on the back and its non flex qualities while its clear the astar is too narrow at the sides to provide a sufficient platform for the rim of the helmet. I feel both of the products have potential to do harm in relation to compressing the throat at the adams apple. however, like everyone on a bike and especially those like myself with limited ability. having a chance to protect myself I want to have every chance of laughing at a crash rather than spending weeks or months in pain.

I was letting Mick use my bike in the beginner group and since he is a novice I was also giving him my gear. he is the same size weight and build as myself. long story short he got overly confident as the day went on then hit the down side of a jump totally crossed up and went over the bars and landed on his right shoulder and head. thing is, it was a super slow crash 15-20mph max. however the left collar bone and between the shoulders of his back are very painful since. now iv crashed plenty of times, from good altitudes from highsides coming out of corners at plus 100mph and the side that hits the ground is always more painful than the other. i can only view this as a sign that the neck brace (leatt) caused this damage as its all the points where the brace contacts the body. iv read every thing i could on the two braces and Micks pain is very similiar to that posted by others post crash wearing a leatt.

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