Crash Protection

Could anybody recommend where to find some guards or braces to protect the radiators on the XR650R? I'm not finding too much with Google.

based on rockett's advice i installed the factory connection guards after i had my radiators straightened by fontana radiator works. they went on easy and don't restrict airflow like some of the other guards.

not sure on the strength since i haven't had a radiator smashing get off yet (knock on wood).

Thanks for the feedback!

Secretatlas: Is that Works Connection you're referring to? Or is there also a company called Factory Connection?

whoops. it's early for me. yeah, i meant works connection. see they are so sano i don't even notice them!

They are niiice and sano aren't they? Have the frame guards as well for that little extra panache! :)

I like the Works Connection guards better than the Devols for this one reason. The stock plastic rad guards absorb more energy from the rocks in your buddy's roost than the Devol guards and the holes in the Devol let more rocks/dirt have a strait shot to the fins. I have a riding buddy and his WR400 rads had a lot of crushed fins from rocks. He complained alot about BRP roost too! :)

Both the Works Connection and the Devol do a great job of protecting the rads, I just prefer the Works...

Rocks and roost aside, how well do the Works Connection vs. the Devol guards protect against side impacts? If the bike is laid down, will the Works Connection offer any protection??

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