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CA, green sticker bikes: older 2-stroke 250 vs newer 4-stroke.

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Hello tt community. I have a tough decision to make and I really do not want to be disappointed in what I choose. I'm just over 6 foot, 145lb-ish. skinny and tall. I am no beginner to dirtbikes. Been riding for as long as I can remember but I now want to change my style of riding, from only trails to more of a racy mx style bike. Something that will get me high in the sky on the track and still nimble for enduros and single track trails.

My most recent bike was the 2007 ktm 200xc-w. 2-stroker. It was perfect for tight, technical riding. Nimble, torquey, light. Unfortunatly the bike is a red sticker. I've almost stopped riding this year because of the sticker and I'm simply too busy during red sticker season. I'm also into snowboarding so for the winter, I'm up at the snow most weekends.

long story short, I need a race-able green sticker bike....... :bonk:

I was plenty comfortable with the power of my old ktm and I have no problem with upgrading to a 250 2 stroke but the only green 2-strokes are 02 and older. I've ridden plenty of 4 stroke 450's, enough to say that they are probably too heavy and clunky for me to handle in a tight spot.

I've got it narrowed down to this. I can get a 2002 250 2stroke (sx, yz, kx, rm), OR I can get a newer, 08ish ktm xcfw 250 4-stroke. The 02's are going to be cheaper, 2-strokes (obviously :smirk:), and older. The xcfw is going to be twice the price, newer, 4-stroke, and... ktm.


MAIN QUESTION: Is it worth the extra money to go for a newer ktm or should I spend it on one of the 02 2-strokes. and if u suggest the 02's, which one?

I'm scared the xcfw will not compare to my 07 200xc's power and torque but I don't want the 02 too be too out dated for what I am used to... hydro clutch, etc...

Aditionally, I know the power of a 250 2stroke, ridden many of them. It is the 08 250f that I know little about. Rode a 06 yz250f for a day and liked it very much. with a good tune up, I am not concerned with the 4-stroke not having enough power. maybe a little for climbs.

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