Guts Racing Soft Foam

I just replaced the stock seat foam on my street legal '03 WR450 with the Guts Racing "soft" seat foam. It feels like your sitting on a pillow compared to the stock seat. I rarely sit when riding off-road, but for the pavement it's nice.

FYI - When re-installing the seat cover do yourself a favor and get an air powered 20 gauge wide stapler. It makes life much, much easier. I bought a cheap one from Harbor Freight for $19.99 and it worked great plus it shoots standard staple gun T-50 staples.

Thanks for the info. I just took my new Guts seat foam to the upholsterer and can't wait to ride on it. My butt can't take the stock seat for two 8 hour days back to back.

Great advice.

The stock seat ruins an otherwise excellent bike. A $50 seat foam from Guts absolutely transforms it.

Guts make a comfort version for the Honda, which is even an inch wider, and it is heaven for the buttocular region. If they make one for the WR, it is the way to go.

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