Rear suspension

Hey guys,

The last ride i went on i noticed the shock wasn't doing it's job. The rear end of the bike was just bouncing around, after a closer look and trying to adjust it so it was harder i found no difference in it. It seems as if the spring is te only thing doing something. What's wrong with it? Is it expensive or difficult to fix? Any help would be appreciated.

If it feels like you're on a pogo stick (no damping) then I would assume that something internal to the shock is wrong. I don't think that there is much which you can do to these things with average do-it-yourselfer tools so you may want to take it to a suspension shop to have them check it out.

yes it does seem like I'm riding on a pogo stick and i was also thinking of taking it to suspension specialist. just thought i'd try here first.

Take a look around the shaft and see if it looks like the oil leaked out. The seal may have blown, leaked oil out and the nitrogen charge could be shot. It looks like a trip to a suspension shop. Make it sooner thatn later, the shaft can get scored or bent if you continure to ride it. I have ridden whooped shocks and snaped one shaft once :) . You go from a $150 rebuild to a $500 or $600 replacement pretty quick.

When you say you tried to make it harder, what do you mean exactly?

If it is actually bouncing then you need more rebound damping. Are you adjusting the rebound on the bottom of the shock? If you dont have enough rebound adjusting the compression damping at the top of the shock will not help at all, probobly even make it seem worse.

If you turn the rebound adjuster in a few clicks you should notice a difference. If you turn it in all the way and it isnt helping then you need a rebuild.

Dave S

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