rear shock linkage seals

i have a 2004 wr 450 and i have had it since it was new and i took off the rear shock and linkage today and went to replace the seals and grease the bearing. I could not get the seals out for anything! they seemed like the rubber was hardened and i tried and tried but nothing. the bearing grease also was hard. what would you suggest on getting them out? also in the seals are there metal like rings that are inside the seal itself? thanks a picture to show what im talking about


Those seals can be a bugger to get out if somewhat hardened. A nice somewhat flat blade screwdriver gently inserted straight in and pried straight up should pop those seals out. Long handled leverage.

The metal rings are simple tension braids. Often they will be cut or frayed. Believe the part number for the seal is 93109-20076-00

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