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I use Pro Wheels for rims , and stock hubs and spokes on both my bikes , I build/lace them myself



FRONT - IRC Volcanduro VE-35 Intermediate 80/100-21 - REAR - Maxxis Desert IT 110/100-18

MX Track:

FRONT - Sedona MX880ST Intermediate 80/100-21 - REAR -Bridgestone M404 Intermediate 110/90-19

I always find that getting matching tires does not always lead to the best overall combination , i mix and match to get the best front and rear grip , or at least to make the front and rear do the same things , like the Bridgestone , it is a little loose in the rear , but with the Sedona up front , it slightly pushes , so the bike slightly drifts on flat corners but it does it with balance front to rear so both ends of the bike react at the same time , it makes for a very controlled turn , but does not wash out suddenly like a MX51 would , i lose slight traction , but gain stability which is more important to me , i can control the push/slide with throttle input , tires like the MX51 do fine then just wash out without warning , i dont like that , it makes you ride differently because the bike could go at any time with no warning so you ride a little less relaxed , with the 404/880 combo i know exactly how far i can push it in corners and if it starts to go , i have time to correct

For Off-Road i chose the tires because they wear longer and hold up to sharp edged rocks without easily getting pinch flats , its not the best traction tires , but they are durable , which means less chance of a flat deep in the woods or out in the middle of the desert , miles from the truck or camp , to me that is worth not having the best traction tire , that will wear out in a few rides anyway , mine last and hold up to punishment , and they work well together !

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