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throttle position sensor rm250

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guys i was out riding today (actually riding a ktm350exc at the time) and when i got my bike back to the car i noticed the TPS had unthreaded itself from the rt side of the carby...the bike ran fine no probs at all so after it cooled down i tried to screw it back in but it doesnt want to thread up at all.

i have never taken it off that i can remember and as i bought it new no one else has, so how do i tighten it back up and what does it actually do as when i got back to the car the first time it was totally out and hanging over the exhaust pipe. Needless to say i sat it back in and used a zip tie to hold it in place and rode for another 2 hrs..bike is an 06rm250

oh and that ktm350 is about even with mine thru the gears, very impressive though you have to ride it like a 2 stroke

cheers guys any ideas?

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