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2006 vs 2009/2012

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$$$$ If the '06 is in good shape, I'd buy that one! There's not a huge difference between the years that would make the '09/12 worth the extra money...IMHO

the '09/12 has some updated parts:

Carb (but the '06 can be updated for about $30.00)

Newer style cam decompressor

steering stabilizer... useless!

smaller tank....Not an upgrade if you ask me!

22mm offset forks.

Oh yeah the new color...!

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All years are essentially the same.

As mentioned on the later years there is an upgrade to the accelerator pump, triple clamps, steering dampner (not for deflection, but cornering), fork internals (manf changes), plastics, tank size.

But there are no upgrades to the 2005 model that can't be done to make it the same as a 2012. Oh, and by the way, they stopped making changes all together in 2009, so a 2012 has no updates.

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