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Bore & Divider plate jetting change

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Hey Guys,

I just got a new KTM 200 XCW, 2011 which had the factory jetting, which was okay. I think it bogged a little and needed to be dialed in. The stock carb was a Keihin 36mm, 7 slide, 42pj & 160mj, as is at 2 turns. I took the carb to RBDesigns and had the carb bored to a 38mm with a divider plate. I put a FMF Turbin Core II and I ride in Oregon, 1-2,000ft. My question is...How does this/these mods change my jetting & AS?

RBDesigns suggested...'as a rule of thumb, you will need to go down one to two sizes on the pilot and maybe go up a size on the main'.

Then I went and got a JD Jetting kit as I have had good luck with those in the past and he gave me a starting point of..'The jetting to start with would be... #38 pilot jet, 1 1/4 turns out on the air screw, Red marked needle installed in the #4 from top clip position, #180 main jet'

I am by far a jetting expert, not even close, but would like some input!! Again, how does this bore job and plate change my jetting?

Thanks fellas!!

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i have pretty much the same questions any guys with some divider plate feedback out there???

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